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Mortgage Tax Credit:

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Excellent Service

Bill is an exceptional loan officer. He helped us to purchase our home with very personal and professional service. He helped us navigate the whole process from start to closing without any problems. We didn't think we're qualified to purchase a house, but Bill went above and beyond to find a way to help us achieve our goal. He always responded very quickly with our requests, he would come back with different options with comparison chart to clearly indicate how much we need for down payment, monthly payments, interest rates, closing costs etc.

We would highly recommend Bill to anyone in need of lending services. In fact, we have already recommended Bill to one of our friends on purchasing a house.

--- David Chan - Houston, TX


Bank Statement Lending!

William Rapp of Network Funding, L. P. was very professional and I felt comfortable in dealing with him. I will definitely recommend him to family and friends.

--- Ian F - Missouri City, TX


Professionalism - Expert In Home Style Loan

Bill is an expert in the topic, his explanations and online material make a difference and he is always there from the beginning to the end. He is committed to make thing happen.

--- Felipe Caldern & Carolina Angel Gutierrez


Great Service!

Bill Rapp's handling of our loan (even though out of state) was unparalleled to any service I have been through prior, including 3 different real estate transactions and multiple refinances. Extremely quick close, with great options and flexibility for my families needs. All around A+

--- Chris & Beth Sheehan - San Jose, CA


Knowledgeable and Responsive!

Bill was a pleasure to work with and he made the loan process fairly easy. He answered all questions I had very quickly and was straight forward in doing it. I would recommend Bill to others.

--- Wes Brady - Richmond, TX


Very professional and always returned our calls!

Bill takes a lot of pride in his job and is very dependable. They were very patient and understanding. He went out of his way and explained all my questions and concerns. They were very professional and returned my phone calls and emails. He did a great job and I fully recommend him.

--- Therese, Malcom & Shirley Teixeira - Katy, TX


Great Job!

Bill helped us out from beginning to end of loan process. The loan closed in a timely manner as Bill worked hard with bank to get our to the final steps.

--- Kamal & Theresa Wilson - Hartford, CT


Avid Problem-Solver and Absolute Pleasure to Work With!

Bill Rapp worked very hard to ensure that we closed our loan and were able to move into our new home. He always had alternatives to any problems we encountered while closing. He worked with us from the beginning identifying solutions to any problems that we were having. He was an absolute pleasure to work with!

--- Nikita Rayani & Sanit Tejani - Houston, TX


Awesome to work with!

Being a first-time buyer I came in with lots of questions and concerns. Bill was always available for any questions I had and answered everything to my satisfaction. Bill made the loan process so painless that I could still concentrate on other things. We ended up closing early which made things even better. If you are in need of a lender and want someone who is very approachable and stays on top of your loan then Bill is your guy.

--- Cesar Raya - Richmond, TX


Loan Declined by my bank, and he saved the day!

Bill, did an amazing job helping me close on my house. He took the reigns and reassured me the best route to take to help close. He was accountable, thorough and trustworthy. I will continue to work with Network Funding, L.P. when it comes to home buying in the future because of the quality of service Bill gave.

--- Jacob Smith - Boerne, TX


Bill Rapp Will Definitely Make It Happen!

Bill is the most kind, patient and helpful person I have ever known. He answers his phone calls and emails promptly. You can ask him a million questions, and he will answer each and every one of them. Before I started working with Bill, I had been turned down for a home loan, because of some past credit issues I had, plus I was a single mother. However, once I started working with Bill, he was able to quickly get me a home loan, with a good interest rate. I would recommend that you call him, as he will help you.

--- Corinne Wilson - Roselle, NJ


Knowledgeable, Honest, Trustworthy, and Reliable!

"I will definitely keep you in mind. If anyone I know needs financing, I will send them your way!"

--- Jon & Andrea Saleem, CRPC Financial Advisor - Houston, TX


Best Dam Mortgage Guy a man could know!

"Hands down the best loan experience to date!"

--- Gabe & Chelsea Jackson - Pearland, TX


Phenomenal, Hard Working and Never Quits!

Had a stupid foreclosure that could have been avoided if ex’s attny would have sent my buy out offer. So Bill was able to push this through with a 4 year foreclosure. He worked his butt off, was very diligent with his communication; and was very professional talking to me even when I was screaming and/or crying at him. Highly recommend this lender. He really go to the ends of the earth to help you!

--- Liz Keeter - Harlingen, TX


Exceptional customer service!

Bill is the most kind, patient and helpful person I have ever known. He answers his phone calls and emails promptly. You can ask him a million questions, and he will answer each and every one of them. Before I started working with Bill, I had been turned down for a home loan, because of some past credit issues I had, plus I was a single mother. However, once I started working with Bill, he was able to quickly get me a home loan, with a good interest rate. I would recommend that you call him, as he will help you.

--- Isha Lopez & Mauricio Garcia - Houston, TX


Service with a capitol S

Bill went above and beyond at every turn. He worked late on Saturday, he worked late all the time. We wanted to close ASAP and he really helped make it happen for us.

--- Jeff & Wendy Heger - Houston, TX


Best Buying Experience!

I would would highly recommend going with Network Funding LP. As a first time home buyer I didn't know what to expect. Bill Rapp was very helpful in answering all my questions and guided me through all ghe steps. I couldn't have asked for a better buying experience!

--- Tabitha Turner - Humble, TX


Would recommend him and use him again!

Very involved and professional . Kept me informed and up to date on everything that was going on Went with me closing and was very helpful and knowledgeable.

--- Kathy Ward - Houston, TX


Great experience!

Well I meet bill back in December 2016 he got recommended by my real estate agent we had a house in sight and started the process to get approved but we fail due to my work history and credit bill told me not to give up and put me in contact with a credit repair company they help me bring my score up and bill walk me thru the process of getting a new line so this time around we got approved before looking for our house after we found it we still had a couple of hick up but with bills help on Sunday 6-18-17 to be exact Father's Day bill called me to give me the great news that we had got approved and the closing date was as scheduled bill was more than just a lender to my family he became a friend and I'm alway going to have him in mind for any other financial situation.

--- Alejandres Felimon - Richmond, TX


I really liked his attitude!

I wouldn't usually say this but the way he had handled my mortgage was really pleasant. I personally enjoyed the time spent with him while we discussed feasible rates. He's a great man with a great personality and he offered really low interests as well. Definitely recommend him to others.

--- Tom Troiano - Atlantic City, NJ


He's nothing short of a miracle!

I'm a self-employed businessman and had him figure out the mortgage of the house after 30% down payment. The interest rates I received were incredibly low given what I had thought of earlier. One other important thing to note was that I hadn't really taken any loans earlier, so I had no credit history. He helped me out with all that as well so I can't really call him anything else but a miracle.

--- Fran Suarez - Cleveland, OH


He's really helpful!

I made a bid to him and the very same day he gave me an offer which I couldn't resist. It was too intimidating with those incredibly low interest rates and all, thoroughly recommend him.

--- Kenny Mickle - Houston, TX



Bill was very expeditious and made it real easy going through the loan process. I felt he was on top of things.

I deal with investment properties and will more than likely call on him again.

--- Wayne King - Pensacola, FL


Bill was great!

Bill made us feel like a friend all the way thru the process. He was patient and explained everything he needed clearly. He was available ANYTIME we had questions or needed more information. Hopefully we won’t go thru this process again anytime soon, but if we do - we’d choose Bill! =)

--- Barbra & Nick Grimmer - Austin, TX


Great broker!

Bill was a great broker to work with. As first time home buyers we had many questions about the process, Bill took the time to help us even calling us back on weekends with answers. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a broker to work with.

--- Murray & Lisa Turner - Pensacola, FL


Outstanding service!

I couldn't have been more pleased with Bill's level of service. He made what is typically a lengthy, arduous process far quicker and easier at every turn. I'm extremely comfortable recommending Bill to friends and family, and will definitely utilize his services again!

--- Jim Lipari - Austin, TX

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Commercial Lending Made Simple

Commercial real estate financing is another of the business financing power tools available to your company. Unlike other types of credit for business, which typically have less attractive terms and a relatively short repayment period, commercial mortgage loans offer an excellent means to acquire property and manage risk with long-term, asset based financing, at attractive interest rates and with favorable tax treatment.

In the United States a commercial lender offers loans backed by hard collateral. In most cases this is real estate, but it can also include factoring, non-conforming assets, or other sources of collateral. A commercial mortgage is a mortgage loan secured by commercial property, such as an office building, shopping center, industrial warehouse, or apartment complex. The proceeds from a commercial mortgage are typically used to acquire, refinance, or redevelop commercial property.

Commercial mortgages are structured to meet the needs of the borrower and the lender. Key terms include the loan amount (sometimes referred to as "loan proceeds"), interest rate, term (sometimes referred to as the "maturity"), amortization schedule, and prepayment flexibility.

Commercial mortgages are generally subject to extensive underwriting and due diligence prior to closing. The lender's underwriting process may include a financial review of the property and the property owner (or "sponsor"), as well as commissioning and review of various third-party reports, such as an appraisal.

There were $3.1 trillion of commercial and multifamily mortgages outstanding in the U.S. as of June 30, 2013. Of these mortgages, approximately 49% were held by banks, 18% were held by asset-backed trusts (issuers of CMBS), 12% were held by government-sponsored enterprises and Agency and GSE-backed mortgage pools, and 10% were held by life insurance companies.

Commercial lenders weigh the type, quality, and equity of the hard collateral very heavily. They provide the borrower with the greatest flexibility but also the highest rates when compared with bank loans. Many commercial loans are bridge loans where a higher rate is a good trade off for the speed with which the loan is delivered and the flexibility of the finance terms behind it.

Thanks to freedom from regulation, the commercial lending industry operates with particular speed and responsiveness, making it an attractive option for those seeking quick funding. 

Commercial Financing

If you have never had to deal with commercial real estate financing, you may find it intimidating. That is certainly the case for most first-time commercial borrowers. Commercial real estate mortgages are quite different from their residential cousins in terms of both complexity and cost. But getting the facts before you apply for a loan should eliminate any fears about this fantastic business financing technique.

The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Financing Commercial real estate financing is very similar to residential mortgage lending in that real property is pledged as collateral against a loan to either buy or refinance the property. A business may also borrow against the equity in property it owns, which like its residential counterpart can take the form of a business line of credit or a lump sum payment for any business purpose.

Commercial real estate mortgages generally require regular payments of principal and interest -- commercial mortgage rates can be either fixed or variable -- until the loan is paid in full. Moreover, a commercial lender retains a security interest in the property throughout the loan term, with the same right to foreclose if the borrower defaults as a residential lender.

What distinguishes commercial mortgage lending from residential lending are the characteristics of the property and the borrower. Unlike residential mortgages, which are geared toward the individual and 1-4 unit residential dwellings, commercial property financing is designed for business entities -- both for profit and not-for-profit -- to mortgage nearly any type of retail, office, industrial, multi-unit (5+) unit residential, or just about any other commercially zoned real property.

Because of these property and borrower characteristics, commercial real estate mortgages are viewed as higher risk transactions by the lending industry. The limited marketability of commercial property and higher risk of borrower default translates to less generous terms and more conservative underwriting by commercial mortgage lenders than those found in the residential arena. If a lender has to take possession of a commercial property through foreclosure, it will generally have much more difficulty selling it to recoup its money than it would a house. To compensate for the greater risk, commercial mortgage rates are substantially higher as are down payment requirements, and loan terms are shorter (typically a maximum of 25/30 years).

Commercial mortgage lenders prefer a solid business borrower, but for newer businesses or companies that cannot meet the required financial performance standards, a personal guarantee of repayment from one or more of the firm's principals may be used to compensate.

A final important difference between commercial real estate financing and the residential variety is that commercial real estate mortgages are more expensive to process and close. Not only are they much larger loans on average than residential mortgages, but nearly every aspect of the "due diligence" phase -- from valuation, to title, to underwriting -- is more complicated and, therefore, more costly.

An Illustration: The "Vanilla" Commercial Mortgage Loan

To help you understand how commercial mortgage lending works in practice, here are the major characteristics of a standard "vanilla" commercial mortgage loan.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio

Commercial real estate financing is based primarily on the income of the property rather than the borrower. The lender will want evidence that the property will produce more than enough income to cover the mortgage payments. Generally, commercial mortgage lenders require the property to produce from 1.0 to 1.25 times the monthly mortgage payment in net rental income. For example, if the monthly mortgage payment is $2,000, the property should be producing $2,200 to $2,500 after all expenses are paid.

Down Payment

Commercial mortgage loans typically require a borrower to put a minimum of 20-25% down. (10% for the SBA) A higher down payment may be required for certain properties that carry greater risk, newer companies or those without a solid track record of consistent profitability.

Prepayment Penalties

Commercial real estate mortgages normally carry deescalating prepayment penalties, that is, a fee due to the lender if the loan is paid off within a certain period of time after it is made. For example, the fee might be 5% of the outstanding balance during the first year, 4% the second year, and so on, with no penalty after the fifth year. For obvious reasons, prepayment penalties are a particularly important consideration for a business that may not wish to -- or be able to -- own the property long enough to avoid them.

Although these characteristics illustrate a “standard” in commercial real estate mortgages, you can find many lenders with flexibility in any of them. Generally, deviating from a standard will entail an offsetting adjustment in others to compensate for the increased risk. For example, an up-front fee or higher interest rate might reduce or entirely eliminate a prepayment penalty, while a personal guarantee from one or more company owners might reduce the required down payment.

Where to Go For Commercial Real Estate Financing

Commercial mortgage lending is widely available throughout the U.S. The three most common sources of commercial real estate mortgages are:

1. Commercial Mortgage Broker - i.e. Bill Rapp Real Estate PLLC

2. Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities

3. Regional Banks

4/ Private Equity Companies - i.e. Life Insurance Companies / Pension Manager / Hedge Funds 

5. Specialty Finance Companies - i.e. Third-Party ("Conduit") and Hard Money Lenders

Commercial Mortgage Brokers Naturally, most business owners turn to mortgage brokers for their commercial real estate financing as they are able to shop you deal for the best terms. Many banks will refuse loans on certain classes of property or exclude companies from specific industries. They also require more documentation and may charge higher fees than other commercial mortgage lending sources. Best solution is to call Bill today.

Conduit and hard money lenders can fund commercial mortgage loans with less documentation and more quickly than banks. Because their money comes from private sources, insurance companies, and commercial lines of credit, they can be much more flexible in their lending. You will find that hard money lenders, in particular, will loan money at lightning speed on virtually any type of property with much less stringent criteria for their borrowers -- all at a cost: Hard Money Lenders charge significantly higher mortgage rates than banks.

For larger capital needs, companies often turn to private equity companies. Private equity companies can provide critical commercial real estate financing on the total cost of a project. The equity range is the difference between the total cost of the real estate and the amount the senior lender is willing to provide -- normally no more than 75-83 percent of costs. So, for a $5 million project, commercial mortgage lenders would typically loan no more than $3.8 million, leaving $1.2 million in the equity range for the borrower to fund. If the borrowing entity has $200,000 in cash to put into the project, it could consider a mezzanine loan or an equity capital investment to come up with the remaining $1 million. Private Equity Companies are quite versatile and they can provide creative, flexible financing solutions, but they expect a good return on investment, so their interest rates are considerably higher than those charged by commercial lenders.

Commercial mortgage brokers don't fund loans directly. Instead, a good broker will conduct a thorough assessment of your needs and research the programs offered by other commercial mortgage lending sources to find you the right mortgage solution with the most competitive rates and fees. A good commercial mortgage broker will have established relationships with many different lenders offering a wide variety of lending programs, giving you access to financing you might not be able to find on your own. As an added benefit, commercial mortgage brokers handle the tedious details of loan processing and packaging, making an otherwise complex transaction less stressful and saving you much time and energy. 

With so many choices, it is important that you shop around, and that is why you would employ a Commercial Mortgage Broker, ie Bill Rapp with Bill Rapp Real Estate PLLC.  Commercial mortgage rates and terms will vary from one lending source to the next. But with such a big financial commitment at stake, unless you have expertise in commercial real estate financing, you need a trusted advisor to both help you understand and to guide you through the complex process that defines a commercial mortgage loan.

Preparation: The Key to a Smooth Commercial Mortgage Lending Process 

When you are ready to begin your search for a commercial mortgage lender, some advance preparation will serve you well. The complex nature of commercial real estate financing means you cannot expect to "rate shop" multiple lenders with a few minutes on the telephone -- at least, not with any reliability. Any prospective lender you contact should ask you for the following information, which is needed to give you an informed, accurate decision about your company's ability to borrow and the approximate rates and terms you can expect:

1. Property Information - i.e. Purcahse Agreement of Offering Memorandum

2. Two Year Income & Expense Statement for the property

3. Rent Rolls for the Property.

4. Personal Financial Statement

5. Two Year Personal & Business income tax returns  

6. 2 Months Asset Statements - Checking/Savings/Brokerage or 401K statements

Having these items available will not only make your task easier, it will make it more likely you receive both an accurate quote and solid feedback on your loan request. Be wary of any prospective lender who will quote rates and terms without the required information. You could be in for nasty surprises later!

Call Bill Rapp, the Mortgage Viking, today to discuss your options.

No Smooth Landing in Sight Experts predict economic Turbulence!

No Smooth Landing in Sight Experts predict economic Turbulence!

November 20, 20232 min read

No Smooth Landing in Sight, Experts predict economic Turbulence!

The Federal Reserve's prevailing narrative has painted two contrasting scenarios: the much-desired soft landing, where the economy slows gracefully without triggering a recession, and the dreaded hard landing, characterized by significant economic disruption and rising unemployment.

We may be headed towards a prolonged period of economic limbo, a state of "up in the air" characterized by sluggish growth, persistent inflation, and simmering discontent among consumers. This erosion of household income is not merely an economic statistic; it has real-world consequences. As consumers' purchasing power diminishes, they are forced to curtail spending, hampering economic growth.

We need to find ways to boost consumer purchasing power and foster economic growth that benefits all. In conclusion, the economy's future is far from certain. We must be vigilant, analyzing the data with a critical eye and acknowledging the real-world experiences of ordinary Americans. Only then can we chart a course towards a more equitable and sustainable economic future.

If you require the assistance of an experienced commercial real estate broker, please feel free to contact me at 281-222-0433, or you can visit here to schedule a consultation:


#Commercial Real Estate Broker #Commercial Leasing #Commercial Lending #Structured Finance #Commercial Sales #Commercial Real Estate Investment #Commercial Real Estate Development #eXp Commercial – Viking Enterprise Team #Agent Attraction

If you require the assistance of an experienced commercial real estate broker, please feel free to contact me at 281-222-0433, or you can visit here to schedule a consultation:


#Commercial Real Estate Broker #Commercial Leasing #Commercial Lending #Structured Finance #Commercial Sales #Commercial Real Estate Investment #Commercial Real Estate Development #eXp Commercial – Viking Enterprise Team #Agent Attraction

Commercial Real Estate Broker Commercial Real Estate Leasing Structured FinanceCommercial Real Estate Lending Commercial Real Estate Sales eXp Commercial – Viking Enterprise TeamCommercial Real Estate Investment Agent AttractionCommercial Real Estate Development
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